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BVB Evonik Soccer School

The coaches at the BVB Evonik Soccer School welcome all children. They are absolutely football-mad, professionally trained and have many years of experience with children to their name. Each child is invited to show the BVB coaches what he or she can do. Each new coach undergoes an intensive induction period over the course of several weeks, which is how we can guarantee your child will be optimally developed by BVB. And there is more to them than just the BVB name – each of our staff is brimming with passion and real love for what they do.

Players interested in working together with coaches at full pace – just like the professionals – can apply to us.

Experience what it’s like to be a pro! Learn from the very best with programs developed by BVB experts used to train professional athletes. Learn the skills that are essential to progressing in the sport. We have put together an all inclusive package that includes Flights, Accommodation & Training.

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BVB Australian Clinic 2017


Sydney Clinics in Partnership With Southern Districts Soccer Football Association.

The SDSFA has proudly partnered with Benchmark Sports & Entertainment to bring the BVB Clinics to your doorstep here in Sydney.

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